Pigeon Lofts

We've got a huge collection of styles and sizes that have been designed with over 20 years of industry knowledge and manufactured using high quality materials.

Apex Pigeon Lofts

A range of apex roof pigeon lofts, the extra roof height increases ventilation.

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46ft x 8ft H/Duty Apex Ultimate

Pent Pigeon Lofts

The traditional pigeon loft, we've mastered the design.

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30ft x 8ft H/Duty Pent

Tiled Pigeon Lofts

Extra durable & sturdy, ready for all weather conditions. Great for ventilation.

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10ft x 8ft H/Duty

Aviary / Traps Pigeon Lofts

Add an aviary or trap to your loft, we're ahead of the game.

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28ft x 8ft H/Duty Ultimate

L-shape Pigeon Lofts

Whether you prefer the layout or need a bespoke design to fit your space.

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18ft x 15ft x 8ft H/Duty Tiled L-Shape Premier

Nest Boxes and Perches

Our nest boxes are built to last, they are hygienic and efficient. We manufacture the boxes ourselves to ensure the highest quality possible.

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Up & over boxes


Here are the specifications for our timber buildings, if you wish to know any other information please use the contact form on the navigation panel.
We offer 3 different specification grades but can also accommodate for custom builds using any materials specified by the customer.


High Quality Timber
  • 16mm Tongue & Grooved 5th Redwood
  • 12mm Q-Mark Ply Floor
  • 35mm x 45mm 5th Redwood planed framing
  • 9mm Corridor Dowelling


Our Top Quality Build
  • 25mm Tongue & Grooved 5th Redwood
  • 18mm Q-Mark Ply Floor
  • 75mm x 45mm 5th Redwood planed framing
  • Free wood Treatment
  • 12mm Corridor Dowelling